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Nicole Pieckenhagen is the Managing Director of Toronto's Graydon Hall Manor. Nicole began her tenure at the Manor in 1999 and led an intensive, year-long restoration and renovation of the facility, opening the doors to welcome the Manor's first clients in June 2000.

For over a decade the venue has maintained a reputation for producing first class events due to an unyielding demand for excellence. Under the leadership of Nicole Pieckenhagen, Graydon Hall Manor has been consistently ranked in the top 10 among the "Top 100 Venues in Canada" as seen in Canadian Event Perspective.

Nicole's alternative approach to event design is the foundation for the company. She seeks beauty and the best in all that she undertakes, and her clients reap the benefits. She believes strongly that every event produced should be original and reflect the individual personality of the host. Employing restrained elegance in styling the event, maintaining an aesthetic that respects natural and architectural surroundings, and providing an uncluttered approach to food and beverage presentation are the hallmarks of her signature aesthetic.

In 2003, Nicole Pieckenhagen partnered with über-chef Arpi Magyar and co-founded Couture Cuisine & Event Artistry. As Co-founder and Managing Partner of Couture Cuisine, she is responsible for overseeing the design and execution of all client events at Graydon Hall Manor and off-site: from styling dreamy weddings and chic corporate affairs to creating memorable bar mitzvahs and sophisticated social events.

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