Nicole Pieckenhagen

Managing Director

Nicole Pieckenhagen is the Managing Director of Toronto’s Graydon Hall Manor. Nicole began her tenure at the Manor in 1999 and led an intensive, year-long restoration and renovation of the facility, opening the doors to welcome the Manor’s first clients in June 2000.  For nearly two decades the venue has maintained a reputation for producing first class events due to an unyielding demand for excellence; consistently ranked in the top 10 among the “Top 100 Venues in Canada”.  In 2003, Nicole Pieckenhagen partnered with über-chef Arpi Magyar and co-founded Couture Cuisine & Event Artistry. As Co-founder and Managing Partner of Couture Cuisine, she is responsible for overseeing the design and execution of all client events at Graydon Hall Manor and off-site: from styling dreamy weddings and chic corporate affairs to creating memorable bar mitzvahs and sophisticated social events.

Rebecca Saltzman


Favourite season: Who doesn’t love fall? Sunny days, cool evenings, colours of the leaves, it’s perfect.
Favourite flower: Garden roses, they are so unique.
Red or white wine: Champagne!
Favourite destination: I love Spain, from the amazing food, to the endless exploring, and of course a day at the beach.
Favourite dish: I will never turn down a slice of pizza.

Ashley Yim


Favourite flower: Is there anything more gorgeous than a ranunculus?
Strange phobias: Citrus flavoured candy, especially lemon or lime flavour.
Favourite meal: Bread, cheese, and truffle honey.
Favourite themed wedding: A winter wedding; the candlelight, snow, wreaths, it’s all so warm and inviting.
Favourite Disney character: I think it might be Belle or Olaf!

Stephanie Cheng


Favorite season: Can PSL be a season?
Favorite flower: I think peonies are beautiful and I am always excited when they’re in season.
Favorite destination: I have a soft spot for Sydney, Australia.
Favorite dish: Any kind of pasta, I love Italian food!
One thing on your bucket list: I really want to go cave diving, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.

Marisa Kotsopoulos


Cats or dogs: Dogs, I want to cuddle with all of them (sorry, not sorry cats).
Favorite dish: Tacos all day, everyday!
What part of your job inspires you: Seeing my clients walk down the aisle about to marry their person for life. It is inspiring to know that there can be a fairytale for everyone.
Best piece of advice: Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

Melissa Colaprete


Sunrise or sunset: Sunset with a glass of champagne and friends.
A store that you would max-out your credit card:
 I can easily spend all my money at Indigo!
Favourite Disney character: Jasmine from Aladdin.
Favourite destination: I’ve done a lot of travelling and nothing compares to the Amalfi Coast.
Most treasured possession: My little bichon toy poodle, Ella.

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Lucy Dugalic


Vintage or modern: A blend of both. Vintage decor accented with subtle hits of modern metallic is perfection.
Favorite destination: Barcelona has my heart.
Favorite cocktail: A margarita on the rocks, but mimosas are a very close second!
Favorite event decor: Hands down candles. A room filled with candle light and a soft dim glow is so warm and inviting.